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A world-class vocal ensemble and leading commissioner of contemporary choral music

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ORA Singers is recognised for its modern take on the centuries-long choral tradition. It is one of the world’s foremost commissioners of contemporary choral music, which it performs alongside Renaissance masterpieces in its celebrated concerts and recordings.

Since its description as "a musical comet", ORA Singers has continued to blaze a trail as one of the UK's leading vocal ensembles. Directed by Suzi Digby OBE, the group has been named Ensemble of the Year at the 2018 Opus Klassik awards, and has received critical acclaim both for its "unfailingly elegant" performances and its "superb and exciting" recordings.

We have a primary aim of 100 new commissions by 100 contemporary composers within the next 10 years, seeking out the world's most talented composers to write 21st Century 'Reflections' on early masterpieces.


ORA Singers was established with the aim of commissioning 100 new works by 100 different composers in 10 years. In many cases, we ask composers to draw inspiration from the Renaissance period, writing new 'reflective' works of particular choral masterpieces. ORA is proud to be ahead of schedule and hopes that its commissioning will continue well beyond the initial 100!

We're incredibly proud of the works that our Composers have written for us and enjoy a breadth of styles, ages, backgrounds and nationalities. ORA focusses on supporting British Artists, but has also enjoyed commissions from American, Estonian, German, Swedish and Spanish composers. Our aim is to create an anthology of choral works that, in the centuries to come, will be looked on as an encapsulation of the greatest pieces of the second 'Golden Age' of choral music.

Our full list of composers, including links to their works and biographies, can be found on our ORA Singers website.



Recording is a huge part of our programme. We want to promote the composers we commission as far as possible and one of the best ways to do that is by making exceptional recordings of their works. As well as being made up of some of the finest ensemble singers we know, ORA Singers also works with the UK"s finest producers, sound engineers and recording venues so that our audiences can enjoy the highest quality performances right at their fingertips, and our composers come away with a lasting and spectacular performance of their works! Composers often visit us during our recording process to give feedback to our singers and Director, ensuring that their vision is realised.

You can listen to all our recordings on Spotify, Itunes & Deezer, as well as purchasing from Amazon, Presto Classical, Itunes and all other major retailers. 

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Seeing ORA Singers perform live is a 'not-to-be-missed' opportunity. ORA doesn't just do stand and sing concerts. We collaborate with designers for each of our events, and choreograph our singers in each venue, to truly enhance the atmosphere of the musical programme.

We also like to explore the use of interesting concert venues. such as the Tower of London and underneath the Cutty Sark

Performance is also a vital part of our commissioning programme as we premiere all of our new works in these exciting concert productions. This way, the works are truly illuminated and this unique presentation style enables our audiences to vividly remember the new commissions and the experience as a whole!

ORA Singers focusses predominantly on commissioning and recording, so whenever there is an opportunity to see them live in concert, it is a special occasion! Follow the link below to see all of our upcoming performances, and we hope to see you there... 

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